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was going to say, it's more interesting to see it go down 34th street in new york city as opposed to through a parking lot in east rutherford, new jersey. >> it's fun to see up close because they're so huge. you wonder how do they make their way down that -- >> a lot of people holding on for dear life. >> exactly. >> that's usually how. >> can you forecast it for us? >> that's a little too far out. >> come on. >> it's wind dependent. i'm not going to do a wind forecast 12 days in advance for new york city. we'll narrow it down closer until the day before, then we'll let you know with more certainty. around here we finally turn the corner on our cold stretch of weather. 12 days in a row colder than average until today when we broke the streak. 65 for your high temperature this afternoon. i think we might be able to do a little bit better on your sunday. another nice looking night outside tonight. skies have gone mostly clear. we had an extra batch of cloud cover during the afternoon today. those clouds are now gone, and we're going to be partly to mostly clear for the rest of the overnight ho
sachs and new york city development corporation to get that out. the good news is that many over 1,000 inquiries already and dozens of companies are already in the pipeline for those loans. to get that 10, 15, 20, 25,000 dollars out so people can pay their workers and do the necessary repairs. >> let's talk about going forward. it's awful. if you're a small business watching this what can you do to prepare for a disaster that might hit you whether it is a tornado or an earthquake or another hurricane? >> make sure you have the right insurance. make sure you have flood insurance. many people don't understand that flood insurance is separate from their typical insurance, it's run by the federal government. so, you know, making sure you have those things. if you have inventory that's going to spoil, make being sure you have a generator in case you lose power. making sure your employees are prepared, your suppliers are prepared. >> couldn't emphasize enough. what gerald also said is insurance. sadly we run into so many companies that did not have their paper work in order. and don't ha
in new jersey and new york without power. meanwhile, paramedics across this section of new york city checking on the elderly. they are checking on anyone who might need help. people in the areas they help has been slow in coming. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of freshwater. for the first five or six days, no one was there. >> new york city officials have reported at least two elderly people have died in buildings without power. >>> it's been two years in the making. dozens helped break ground for a vietnam war memorial in san jose. the monument will be called sons of san jose. it's a 5-acre area of water leak but -- what would a river park. more than 140 residents died or went missing in the vietnam war. a memorial in san jose means people don't have to go to washington dc to pay their respects to the fallen. the project is expected to be complete in about 10 weeks. >>> in honor of veterans day, a special tribute for neil armstrong aboard the uss hornet. the retired aircraft carrier held under the a nearby real opening its exhibit of apollo program artifacts in alamed
including staten island to bring relief. part of new york city's designated volunteer day to help the thousands still dealing with sandy's destruction and showing the victims that they are not alone. >> thank you for helping. i appreciate it. >> reporter: homeland security secretary janet napolitano is scheduled to be back tomorrow. this time to visit a disaster recovery site in staten island. meantime, residents here are still waiting for the power to come on. governor chris christie has pledged that power could be restored in all areas of new jersey by tonight. lester? >> michelle, thank you. >>> the united nations declared this malala day named for the 15-year-old pakistani girl shot by the taliban for, because she spoke out for the education of girls. today an outpouring of support for malala and her cause from around the world. that story from nbc's amna navaz. >> reporter: they chanted her name and carried her picture. fellow students in pakistan honoring malala. it's not only one, we are all malala. the whole of pakistan is malala. >> my message to the female students of th
york city, a sign hanging on an office door infuriating victims ever sandy who say they're the ones hung out to dry. and fema says it made the move because of conditions were unsaffe. no power, no heat, no water, no help, no way. now some lawmakers want billions more for fema? some here on the panel to say no way. ben stein, charles payne, gerri willis along with adam lashinsky, and saying give them 15 billion more. >> 14 billion more, but not to fema, it's the wrong place to put it. it's a mess and owes 18 billion dollars from hurricane katrina. i mean, this is an agency that cannot manage itself. the inspector general wrote a long report last year saying the agency is mismanaged, it doesn't have systems in place that can talk to states. they can't talk to each other, they don't have the right computers in place and let me tell you, they are maning more disasters all the time. president obama has called more disasters than any other president in the last 20 years. fema is not the organization. give it to the local states, they're the people who can make these decisions and spend th >> newdevelopmentsfollowingfrom t hewreckageofsuperstormsandy. it'snotgettingeasyer. >> janet napolitano will head to new york city and get a look at the recovery efforts out there, particularly on hard hit staten island. as fema approves hundreds of millions of dollars in housing and other aid for storm victims. we're live in ocean side, new york. ainsley, you've been giving us a peek of how folks are coping. >> yes. people are putting their lives back together and they're ready to move forward. janet napolitano, we welcome you. everyone will tell you what they need. though want their power back on. this is one of the streets without power almost two weeks since sandy rolled through. look at this guy's house. all his belongings on the front lawn. thousands of dollars worth of sofas and chairs, speakers, shelves. their lives have been completely turned upside down. the man who lives here has friends helping, bringing out loads, putting them in the dumpster. everyone's impressed with how everyone's taking care of one another but the long island power authority, 86% of their customers lost power. they still hav
. >>> new york city paid tribute to the nation's veterans today as well. a wreath laying ceremony was held at the eternal life monument this morning. afterwards thousands of people lined fifth avenue for the annual veterans day parade. parade organizers used the event as an opportunity to support the victims of sandy. the united war veterans council collected winter coats for people affected by the storm. >>> we're learning more about the events that led to the resignation of cia director general david petraeus. it began with an fbi investigation of harassing e-mails from petraeus' biographer paula broadwell. those e-mails were sent to 37-year-old joe kelly, a state department liaison and friend of general petraeus. sources say the fbi stumbled onto the affair between petraeus and broadwell during that investigation and according to a former petraeus staffer who spoke to the general today, the affair began after he became cia director and ended about four months ago. brian moore is covering this developing story tonight from capitol hill. >> reporter: as president obama saluted vets transi
across the rockaways section of new york city, checking in on the elderly and the disabled, anyone who might need help. people in the area say help has been slow. >> this has only been maybe a week and a half of, you know, freshwater. for the first five to six days, no one was down in the rockaways. >> new york city officials have reported at least two elderly people have died in buildings without power. >>> it has been two years in the making. dozens helped break ground for a vietnam war memorial in san jose. the monument, called sons of san jose, is going to be in a five-acre area of guadalupe river park. organizers say more than 140 san jose residents died or went missing in the vietnam war. a memorial in san jose means people don't have to go to washington, dc to pay their respects to the fallen. that project is expected to be complete in about 10 weeks. ♪ >>> in honor of veterans day, a special tribute this weekend for astronaut neil armstrong aboard the uss hornet. the retired aircraft carrier helped honor the space pioneer by reopening its exhibit of apollo program artifacts i
are the traditional way to honor our military. but organizers in new york city promoted the event as a rally for storm victims. coats were collected for those hit hardest. in north carolina thousands turned out for the parade in fayet fayetteville. the theme was a welcome home for all iraq veterans. two deaths in new york have raised the death toll from superstorm sandy to 116. they are standing watch to ward off luters. >>> for the latest on the resignation of david petraeus, members of congress are expressing concerns that matters of national security may have been compromised. they question the link that the fbi probed into the fernl affairs, which began with a complaint that his mistress was sending harassing e-mails to someone close to the general. >>> tens of thousands of people in the path of superstorm sandy still have no electricity as we have just reported. they are forced to put on layers of clothes just to battle the cold inside their own homes. but some residents are celebrating their first day with power back for the first time. susan candiotti is in the rockaways right now. are there an
, in new york city, thousands came out to honor vets for the veterans day parade but sandy survivors were not forgotten. donations were collected for them during this time. the storm is now to blame for 43 deaths in new york city. more than 38,000 residents there are still in the dark. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti introduces us to an elderly woman struggling to survive. >> reporter: all bundled up, she manages a smile before the 70-year-old -- yes, 70, makes a twice daily climb up six flights, dragging four gallons of water and a grocery cart and a bucket to her apartment. is it okay if i help you? >> yeah. >> reporter: you're using this for what? >> flushing the toilet. >> reporter: i can't imagine how you carry that and this. this is the third floor, right? do you need to rest? >> yes. >> reporter: catch your breath. >> you're going all the way up to the 16th floor? >> every day. >> reporter: i'm going to try to hold this lady's bag up to there, too. watch the bucket. i don't know how you ladies do it. okay. this is floor five. up we go. up we go. okay. we made it. this is
day ahead in the northeast. temperatures. 70 in pittsburgh. new york city will be 63. >> i'm so excited. i haven't been to chicago much since i left. i got a picture from chicago. i'm going this week, i'm pumped up. hail, yesterday, in naperville. then -- >> that's a meteorologist through and through. >> california. a little mist around the top of the mountain. beautiful shots. dan and bianna? >> safe to say, ginger has different tastes in weather than most human beings. >> all right, thank you, ginger. >>> now to the backlash to black thursday. holiday shopping blitz traditionally begins the day after thanksgiving, otherwise known as black friday. but some major retailers just announced they'll be opening their doors earlier than ever this holiday shopping season on thanksgiving night, in fact, and not everyone is taking the news so well. some employees are up in arms of giving up one of their favorite holidays. abc's tanya rivero is here with their story. >> that's right. store workers are saying enough is enough. last year, many started working before midnight on thanksgiving
that the 2% payroll tax cuts will end. >>> some people in new york city took up shovels and tools to help victims of super storm sandy. the volunteers got on buses at city hall and went to some of the hardest hit areas like staten island. they are sorting goods, checking on residents, delivering supplies. there are 36 diaster recovery centers in new york city with more to come. >>> while things are improving nearly two weeks after the storm, there are plenty of people who still do not have power. fox's peter doocey has more on why some are running out of patience. >> reporter: almost two weeks after super storm sandy passed through, some people are still without company. the largest company on long island, lipa now being blamed for poor preparation. >> i don't believe what they did was adequate. i don't believe it was right. part of it is the system design and part of it is just their performance and the fact that these utilities are a monopoly. >> reporter: government-owned lipa asked other utility companies for 700 workers to help them restore power but they ended needing 10,000. the co
in new york city, when you have to make different rules for one city, if you're, say, coca-cola, that's going to cost you a lot of money, potentially cost you jobs. >> absolutely. >> anything that's going to hurt jobs in this economy. >> and we tried to do the same thing in philadelphia, a sugary tax, no, no, it was knocked down by city council, almost instantly. you've been to philly, no. >> alisyn: don't mess with-- >> we're going to tax your cheese steak, no, you're not. i get the idea what they're trying to do. they're trying to make us more healthy. it's personal responsibility. leave it up to me to eat the big mac. >> dave: denmark showed us the way. >> alisyn: you'll always make the wrong decision. you can find us all on twitter and let us know if you think that the fat tax has any merit, including increasing revenue. >> dave: all right. coming up next, they stand in the front lines to protect our freedom, this veterans day we'll meet a woman whose husband just returned home from afghanistan, she shares what it means to be a spouse of a guardsman. >> then, if congress can't com
york city area. also, microsoft launching its new windows 8 operating system and surface tablet with a major redesign. this is the biggest overhaul of the tech giant's operating software in nearly 20 years. >> what we've done is actually reimagined windows, and we've reimagined, essentially, the whole pc industry. in addition to notebooks and desktops, we introduced the pc as tablet. >> the operating system will be available for pcs and tablets. for "teen kids news," i'm jenna lee, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> this report is brought to you by one out of every three american kids is overweight. and research shows that girls struggling to get fit are often the least likely to get the help they need. so denise's story is encouraging. about a year ago, she came across fitsmi while surfing the web. it's an online community of teens like her, trying to lose weight. and she's willing to share her story with us. hi, denise. >> hello! >> has weight always been an issue for you? >> you know, when i was younger, it was never really an issue, but once i moved into my
studios in new york city. i have a great new recipe i tried out this week for fryed crow. i have been eating a lot of that lately. like a lot of conservatives across the land, i thought romney would be elected president and i was wrong so were most of the conservative observers and comment ators. let's be clear it was not the choice i was hoping for, but you know what, we did it without blood shed and bullets and people with boots and badges dragging us in the streets. hand ringing begins as republicans complain about the campaign or mitt romney himself. romny earned the primary and he and his campaign team gave it all they had. i don't agree that the obama message of bigger government and more taxes won. it was not an election of message. but the machinery to get out the votes for president obama and it was a masterful and methodical effort. >> as i listen to fellow television and radio talk show host or read the opinion colupes of those who excoreated romney. if you were not critical about mitt romney the day before the election, don't be critical and a phony the day after. the loud
, charles duhigg in new york city, these are the four movies he watched streaming online in the last week. >> i think people can put their worries at bay for two reasons. the first of which is still by far the most predictive things are the basics, and the campaigns have known these for years, right? where you live, how much money you earn, what your party registration is. unless you feel bad about people knowing these basics, you don't need to be worried in this new age. second is both campaigns went out of their way to try to anonymize data they collected. so they could track user 1 rk 300 from site to site to site and they would see if you came to barack where do you know next, what issues do you seem to care about based on where you surf. but they never linked up that user number with a voefrt's name. that's because they chose not to. in future years they could. >> and companies can. >> companies do all the time. right? target, walmart. everyone else tracks who you are online and offline and tries to match them together. and the question of whether you should be worried abou
place in new york city, of course. the date, november 22nd. >>> still ahead on 9 news now tonight, walking for health and raising money in the fight against this country's number one fatal disease. >>> >> across our area today, boy scouts collected food for people in need. this is the second phase of the annual scouting for food. last week boy scouts delivered bags to hundreds of homes in the washington area. today they went back to collect those bags filled with food. one of the sites was a safe way store on piney branch road in northwest washington. safe way stores throughout the area took part in this. the capital area food bank will distribute the food to more than 700 agencies in our area. >> i'm really happy to see that the boys are participating in high numbers, getting a good sense of what it is to be hungry in our community. >> when you consider one in two children right here, washington, d.c., our nation's capital, doesn't know where their next meal is coming from, that's staggering. it's staggering across here. so events like this, scouting for food, working with partne
's not what we heard in some hard-hit areas of new york city where storm victims claim the country's preeminent disaster relief organization has been missing in action. here's nbc's senior investigative correspondent lisa myers. >> reporter: two weeks after sandy hit, residents of breezy point, new york, still wonder if more help will ever arrive. >> we haven't seen red cross at all. red cross hasn't offered any assistance up until yesterday. >> reporter: carrie lynn allen says she's donated to the red cross before and is very disappointed. >> they take people's hardworking money to assist people. and then when push comes to shove, they don't assist. >> reporter: her neighbors also wonder what happened. >> the red cross, you know, they're normally a wonderful organization, and it's just that they're not here. >> reporter: ann marie willis coordinates volunteers in the community and rates the red cross performance here poor. >> they need help with everything from housing to just hold them, say you're going to be okay. you'll get through this. we need everything. and i know the red c
comes in number five, woody creek, colorado. and new york city, specifically the greenwich village can never 3. marin county is the list of the city of ross coming in second. and alpine county, new jersey coming in first. stevie wonder, a murphy and chris rock. >> president obama also received the most electoral votes in the state of florida. they spent the last couple of these counting the votes even though he would have not the last in come off it would experience possible similar problems if they had during the 2000 presidential election. this weekend, the macy's parade were inflated and taken outside for a test run. new with this far elf the shelf and papa smurf and hello kitty they will joi the long f long term favorite spider man and kermit hte frog. >> if you remember last weekend was nice but it was much warmer we are not going to see that this weekend we're going to see a difficult time even getting to the 60s. san francisco, the number four. but that is the north tower, the golden gate bridge in the san mateo bridge. it is clear in today's chile, already with temperatures in
. it was not as enormous as an accomplishment as the civil rights act but the panama canal treaties or rescuing new york city or a saving chrysler, that was all done on a bipartisan basis. that is the way the great senate operated. host: the gulf of tonkin resolution was also on a bipartisan basis. guest: it was within a period of weeks after the civil rights act of 1964 that they did the gulf of tonkin resolution. many of them always regretted doing it. the truth is, they decided to give political cover to president johnson during the 1964 campaign. the wanted to stand by the president. they never intended, none of them, intended it to be a blank check to enlarge the vietnam war. they regretted having died and he started using it that way. from 1964 on, the senate was the focal point of the opposition to the war. democrats opposing it during president johnson's term, republicans joining them as well, president nixon's term, the second moral imperative that these centers dealt with was ending the war. host: can there be a parallel drawn between the actions of the senate in that period and the support of
blown up and handlers could get used to guiding them during the parade in new york city. among the newest additions to the lineup are hello kitty, papa smurf and elf on a shelf. >>> the warriors go to double overtime at oracle. i'm kim coyle. and the tide roll into trouble at home. how this call decided their perfect season. sports is next. woman: oh! tully's. how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. party... christian start the >>> the sec dominates the bcs standings every year. but its newest member is spoiling the party. christian, start the clock. 15th ranked texas a and m and tuscaloosa. johnny manziel to malcolm kennedy. final minute of play, alabama trailing by five. they would get the ball back on this punt but wait. tyler hayes jumps offsides. the penalty gives texas a and
of the new characters debuting in this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. >>> ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with how long these freezing temperatures will last and when showers return to the forecast? mary gonzales had a cold, she also has asthma. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive sri . >>> the new balloons for the mace macies a thanksgiving day parade were inflated and taken out for a test drive. this will be the debut year for characters hello kitty, the elf on the shev and papau smurf, the new kids on block will float long side some old favors including buzz lightiar, spider-man and kermit the frog. >> you don't need to get up here to see what the weather looks like. >> you want to guess the current temperature in truckee right now? >
-finance improvements. we have found where new york city did accomplish that, but it's on a much grander scale. so if there is the possibility perhaps to bundle properties, that might get us enough heft of what we want in debt, and perhaps get a decent return but for small agreements it's very difficult to do anything other than what we're presenting to you at this 8% rate. we are -- i do want to make mention though that our rough order of magnitude budget at this point has us considerably below what our availability of funds is at 35 a square foot, we're probably 80% of that and we're seeing already value engineering opportunities where that number will only go lower. but in abundance of caution we're providing you numbers that assume full amortization of the entire 35 a square foot. >> president chiu: supervisor campos. >> supervisor campos: thank you, mr. president. thank you for your presentation. just a quick question, just an informational question. there is a way to keep track of how much the city is spending on these kinds of improvements, collectively? i don't know how many of these deals
that cold front does. it's going to continue. look at the temperatures. 65 for new york city, beautiful day. washington, d.c., 66. but chicago, 70 today, tomorrow, only 39. >> tale of two countries tonight. ginger, thank you. >>> as i mentioned, it is veteran's day, tomorrow will be the national observance. at arlington national cemetery, president obama and the first lady took part in the time honored tradition, laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. tonight here, so many tributes catching our eye. here are two of them. army veteran ehredt has been running a marathon every day now for the past ten weeks a journey that began in minnesota. >> morning, fourth day. on minnesota 53. >> reporter: and came to an end today in galveston, texas, passing through nine states. >> there's this lonely feeling coming over me. but it also made me get up and move. >> reporter: at every mile, mike stops, not to take a break or to catch his breath, but to plant a small american flag, each enscribed with the name of a soldier lost in afghanistan. on this veteran's day, this little boy in north carolina. p
's in your wallet? this car is too small. gerri: today was the first day of gasoline rationing in new york city and long island all because of hurricane sandy. gas rationing. drivers can only fill up every other day were put into place to stop the panic buying and it is borderline anarchy that was going on. long lines that took effect. you see a lot of calves in the line as well. governor andrew cuomo says it could top $50 billion and it would make it that second costliest storm behind hurricane katrina seven years ago. president obama is scheduled to visit the new york area next thursday to see the recovery operation firsthand. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again. and expecting different results. so how does this apply to obams next four years in office? the green companies backed by your taxpayer dollars? they just grow and grow. many of them are hemorrhaging cash by the day. others have gone bankrupt altogether. our next guest is you can expect nothing but the same under this administration. a senior fellow joins us now. robert, always a pleas
and union organizers in new york city who were really starting their own community health clinic in new york, and it did not use the language of rights of the time, but they definitely talked in terms of universalism and that everybody should have access to care, not just those who are unionized, members of unions. so is there a gender component to that is their gender make them more on the vanguard? in some ways i think there are some connections. the maternity insurance issue has always been a big one, so i think a lot of these critiques of the american way of rationing have been routed in women's experience with health care and health care needs of women have. some maternity coverage, coverage care for children was the habit is behind this shepherd towner act in the 1920's, the public health act. and, of course, the movement for reproductive rights has, at times, i wish more attention were paid to this because it has done this, but we hear much less about hal reproductive rights activism is also about health care for all to offer everybody. there's so much focus on women are demanding the
is in there but it was these women government workers and union organizers in new york city who were really, they were starting their own community health clinics in new york and they didn't use the language of rights at the time but they'd definitely talked in terms of universalism and that everybody should have access to care, not just those who are unionized. does their gender make them more of the vanguard cracks in some ways i think there are some connections. the maternity issue has always been a bit once i think a lot of these critiques of the american way of rationing have been routed and women's experiences with health care and health care needs that women have, so maternity coverage, care for children was the impetus behind the shepherd act from the 1920s, the public health act and of course the movement for reproductive rights have at times attention has been paid to this but we care much less about how reproductive rights activism is also about health care for all come, for everybody. women were demanding these particular reproductive services but i think that the type of activism again, routed in
" emphasized for rutgers. >>> some 130,000 households around new york city are still without power, most outages in long island and some areas of queens. like the rockaway peninsula. as cnn's deb feyerick reports, people there are fed up and want their power back now. >> do you want to hear what i have to say or no? >> reporter: anger, frustration and despair as people demand to know why their community is still dark. >> i can't light on for my kids? power, heat, garbage pickup? it nothing? >> reporter: workers from the long island power authority known as lipa are visible but still can't seem to get the electricity back in homes in the flood zone it. new york's governor has threatened to pull the company's operating license. >> we've paid them and gave them a franchise because they represented themselves as expert s . >> reporter: volunteers worked hard to serve meals and keep up morale. many left before sunset. the trains are still not running this far out. one woman told us it feels like marshal law with people bolted inside their homes after dark. >> there's no power, no light. you c
elections. >> recent thri museum of jewish heritage in new york city hosted a conversation on the role of embedded jurne lists. they discuss their role as journalists in iraq afghanistan and columbia. this is about 50 minutes. >> thank you for the introductions. i would like to thank you in advance. we are talking about the ethics of journalists. i am not a journalist. i am a historian. what you guys call this? do you refer to being embedded as -- how do we talk about this? >> an embed means -- you could be with the military and not be embedded. i signed a contract with the military. as far as i know, this is pretty much invented by the military and all this terminology, before that, you would just say, i am reporting with the army. >> there is an indication with embedded that you are living with them and you have shelter, food, and are with them. >> you can rely on them for food and security. we only refer to embeds as far as the military. >> it is about journalists who are working during world war ii. >> journalists were given a rank. the word embedded was not called that. it fell ou
can you run out of polls? >> reporter: in new york city gas rationing began. cars with even numbered plates philip but even numbered days. cars without number plates pull upon not numbers days in an effort to ease long lines and short tempers. >> i think that makes sense. it will ease up. you will have this long line. people trying to, you know, fight for gas. >> reporter: housing is another growing concern. fema trying to provide temporary shelter for 95,000 people. >> you know, you wake up and you're okay and in the second it hits you all this happened and you don't have a place of your own any more. it's pretty devastating. and you think it's never going to be you and then it is. >> reporter: one thing there seems to be plenty of, generosity. a train filled with supplies is on its way from louisiana to the jersey tonight backed by a community that knows something about weather in mother nature's worst. >> of the images of new jersey, we are making them feel, everyone wanted to do something. they started organizing and effort on facebook. >> reporter: the donations are appreciated,
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